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This office manages to get a huge group together for the Colfax Marathon relay

The Colfax Marathon is on May 20.
Credit: Courtesy KPMG

KUSA — Think about how hard it is to even get a few coworkers together for happy hour.

Now picture asking dozens of them to run multiple miles with you … and to train together outside of work … for fun.

That’s what KPMG manages to do every year for the Colfax Marathon relay. In fact, they have such an active office that 130 people will run a leg down Colfax Avenue during this year’s event on May 20. There are 750 people in their Denver branch, for context.

“I think it’s very Colorado, right?” said Noelle Rogers, a senior associate at KPMG who helps rally the runners every year alongside Claire Basil, an audit associate there.

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Offices competing in the Colfax Marathon relay get to support a charity. KPMG is supporting Family for Literacy, a program that has distributed more than four million new books to low-income children.

Offices that compete in the Colfax Marathon relay aren’t just in it for bragging rights. More than $90,000 in award money goes to the charity chosen by the top 60 teams.

KPMG fielded a winning team last year. Each team is made up of five runners, who run legs ranging from 6.5 to four miles.

“We don’t have to pull teeth to get people to come,” Rogers said.

Companies that have multiple Colfax Marathon relay teams can set up a tent for a finish line celebration.

And that’s what the folks at KPMG will be doing on race day – and they’ll be wearing custom bright orange running shirts along the way.

“I think the reason it’s such a big deal is we have people who love working with each other and playing together,” said Mike Bearup, the office managing partner.

For more information about the Colfax Marathon relay and putting together a corporate team, head to: https://bit.ly/2ozq7C8