DENVER — I’m a new mother to a sweet, chunky and energetic little boy who is a blessing, but also a challenge.

I quickly learned why families say the phrase, "It takes a village!" That's why I'm introducing you to my village, the women in my life who I've leaned on. That includes moms, friends and even neighbors – all who've been through it once, twice, or three times.

We talk about the good, the bad and the stinky, but the most important thing we do is help and encourage one another. 

The "It Takes a Village" series airs each Thursday on 9NEWS Mornings. The series also includes a weekly blog from Corey Rose and a new Facebook group called It Takes a Village Denver. 

As stories air, you can find them all here. (Note: Stories are listed in reverse chronological order from air-date.)

You're not alone, an honest discussion about the stresses of parenthood

It can be easy to assume you're the only mom or dad dealing with certain issues, especially when you see 'picture perfect' families on social media. One mom gets real about the struggles of parenting and striving to be perfect.

Leaving baby for the first time

It can be tough to leave your baby for the first time, especially if its overnight. When is the right time to do it? That was the topic this week, watch the video below for more on the discussion.

Tackling resolutions as parents

Many parents wanted to be more present for their kids during the new year. Watch the video below for more on those resolutions.

Surviving holiday break

The holidays are a wonderful time of year, but it can also be stressful. One factor in all that stress is the break from school and the daily routines. Here are some tips to help you make it through.

Baby Boom

There's are 11 moms-to-be all working at UCHealth Hospital in Highlands Ranch. Their story was featured this week.

Cold Remedies

We're talking about the flu and the cold. Dr. Adam Huff with Pediatric Pathways joined us to answer some of your questions about all the bugs that are going around.

Dad Hacks

Dads carry just as much of the workload as moms these dads. So this week we focused on them. We asked them to share some of their favorite "dad hacks".

Watch the video below to see what they said.

Being thankful

It's Thanksgiving, so we asked many of you to share what you're thankful this year. Watch the video for more on what some of you had to say.

Expectations versus reality

Motherhood is a difficult task. It comes with a lot of expectations, pressures and thoughts about what does (and doesn't) work. 

Watch the video below for a look at how those beliefs can be paralyzing — and how to overcome them and do the best you can. Family therapist Dr. Sheryl Ziegler discusses the issue.

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Baby's first haircut

Many parents cringe at the thought of having scissors near their babies' faces. But what do you do when their hair really is in need of a solid trim-up?

Watch the video below to see one creative way and check out what other parents have to say about their child's first haircut.

Rashes and when you should worry

Most parents will encounter it at least once — red splotches appearing on their children's skin. 

Is it eczema? A diaper rash? Hives? Something more serious?

In the video below, Dr. Marc Abner with Greenwood Pediatrics discusses rashes and when parents might need to worry.

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