GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colo. — The Glenwood Hot Springs Springs Resort and pools just became a lot more family and kid-friendly. In mid-August an Adventure River, two kids pools and an interactive fountain opened after months of construction.

Last week, we ventured to Glenwood Springs and tested out the new areas with our boys, who are 2 and 4-years-old while we were there. It’s safe to say they had a blast.

Had the new area not been there, we probably would have avoided the hot springs during our stay, because the warm water isn't always inviting for the young crowd. Our boys prefer water to be lukewarm at best.

The new water park area includes four waterslides and two pools, one of which is a zero-depth pool perfect for the smallest children. 

The small pool is tucked under a pergola next to the splash fountain area. Behind it are the four waterslides, two of which are side-by-side and straight down. They aren't very fast and won't dump you off the end into the water ( which isn't very deep at all anyway) but instead, you kind of come to a stop.

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It is perfectly fine for a two-year-old to manage on their own since pool rules state they can't sit on laps. If your child is scared the slides are closed enough that you can hold their hand while sliding down the slide next to them.

The other two slides are curvy, water slides that are a bit faster and more intimidating, but they also won't dump the kids into a lot of water. 

Next to the slides is the bigger children's pool which doesn't get any deeper than three feet. There's a big waterfall that cascades into the pool from above and you can stand under in the water, or even walk on the pool deck behind it. It's inspired by very popular Hanging Lake.

The pool areas are pretty well shaded by large trees so it's pretty comfortable even on a day with temperatures well into the 90s.

The ground surrounding it all is made from a soft spongy material that feels good under your feet and doesn't get too hot for the feet, which is especially great for the young crowd.

Glenwood Splash Fountain
Janet Oravetz

One downfall, we found is the splash fountain area has absolutely no shade so it can get pretty hot, on a very sunny day.

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If you have older kids, or you want to embrace your inner youth, then the Shoshone Chutes might be for you. It's whitewater river tube ride that plunges you downhill with plenty of twists and turns.

You can go by yourself or in a double-tube. Riders must meet certain height requirements to either ride in double-tube or ride alone. My 4-year-old son, who is tall for his age, was able to ride in a tube with me. 

adventure river 3
Janet Oravetz

You'll want to use your judgment: it's a little bit of a rough ride and my son was upset when we hit the first rapid and he got water up his nose. Ultimately, he enjoyed the ride and said it was his favorite part of the day.

He wore his life jacket vest but if you don't have one, they have some you can borrow.

The extensive, multi-million-dollar renovation at the west end of its property replaced the old waterslides, kiddie pool, and miniature golf course.

Old Hot Springs slides
The old waterslides at the Glenwood Hot Springs

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The Sopris Splash Zone is open during peak season from (Memorial Day to Labor Day 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. After the area closes for the night, it becomes a lighted fountain that can be seen by pool-goers and Glenwood Springs visitors strolling across the pedestrian bridge.

It's open on weekends in September and October, weather permitting.

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