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She was born a year ago after 24 years as a frozen embryo. See how Emma is doing now!

Tina and Benjamin Gibson celebrated Emma's first birthday in November.

Tina and Benjamin said they are just as excited about Emma as they were when they brought her home a year ago.

"She's so sweet, she's such a good baby and we still can't believe she's ours a year later," Tina said. "Nine months carrying her I still wake up and I'm amazed she's ours so it's really special."

In 1992, a different couple underwent in vitro fertilization and froze a fertilized egg. 

Over two decades later, specialists would thaw that egg and implant it in Tina Gibson in March 2017.

December 2017: Woman gives birth to girl whose embryo was frozen a year after mom was born

"We just decided to do it, we took a leap of faith and it's so worth it," Tina said.

The Gibsons welcomed baby Emma Wren Gibson into the world on November 25, 2017. 

Emma celebrated her first birthday last month. 

The couple said parenthood is something they hold close to their hearts.

"It's a big deal," Benjamin said. "It's something we looked forward to for close to seven years."

With one Halloween down and her second Christmas around the corner, the couple is just looking forward to seeing all the places baby Emma will go.

"We want her to do whatever she wants," Tina said. "She uses her hands and her feet so much, we're hoping she plays some kind of instrument."

The couple said they shared their story to inspire other couples considering the same kind of journey. 

It's something they feel they owe to people hoping to also be parents one day.

"We do this to give back," Tina said. "So much was done for us so we do it to give back."

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