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4 nutrition myths to let go of before 2021

Nutrition expert Malena Perdomo shares four nutrition myths to let go of before heading into the new year.

COLORADO, USA — As we prepare for a new year, leave these four nutrition myths in the past. 

Don’t skip breakfast

Skipping breakfast is a personal choice and it works for some people. There is evidence that breakfast eaters are at a better weight than those who skip breakfast. It could be that people who eat breakfast won’t feel cravings or overeat a high calorie meal later in the day. For other people, it is the opposite, they aren’t hungry, they eat breakfast and they gain weight. Find which eating pattern works for you and remember that breakfast doesn’t need to be a large meal, it can be a small serving of food to sustain you and give you energy until the next meal.

Don’t eat late at night

Yes, you can eat a bedtime snack, just make it healthy. The reason this myth continues to be around is because eating late increases total calories at the end of your day. Keep an eye on which late snacks you are choosing to eat before bedtime. It is the total calories eaten at that time that really matters. If you’re hungry, grab something healthy like fruit or snack on a vegetable like edamame and drink water.

Bread is bad

Quality bread in moderation can be part of a healthy diet. For those who can’t eat gluten, choose only gluten free breads. Count bread as your main starch carbohydrate on your plate and mix with low carb foods such as vegetables. Bread, especially sourdough bread, shouldn’t be blamed for causing weight gain. Watch out for refined carb foods such as sweet breads and desserts.

Fresh food is better

Fresh, canned, and frozen foods are all nutritious. Frozen produce and canned foods are versatile. Canned vegetables are convenient and easy to use in meals such as canned pumpkin and canned yams. Tomato sauces contain more lycopene than fresh tomatoes. Read the food label on canned foods to watch for sodium and added sugar.  

Find Malena Perdomo and her healthy eating ideas on her blog www.malenanutricion.com or FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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