DENVER — Just walking into The Welton Room feels like a dream. 

Sparkling chandeliers, bright ingredients on the bar, colorful flowers - it's a room built for social media.

But then your cocktail arrives and the experience goes to the next level. 

It's the brainchild of Jorge Ortega & Champ Buabucha - bringing molecular cocktails to Denver.

They use ingredients like cotton candy and liquid nitrogen to make the experience about so much more than just a drink.

"That's what it's about for us," said Ortega. "We want to have you come in here, giggle, have a great time with your girlfriend and your friends."

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Liquid Nitrogen is the liquefied form of the element, Nitrogen. 

Its temperature is -320 degrees Fahrenheit and when it comes into contact with anything warmer, like a cocktail it turns into a gas.

But Ortega said it's not just for show.

"It brings the flavors and the life together in the cocktail," she explained.

Maybe the most impressive drink of their menu actually transforms before your eyes. 

It starts as a typical liquid cocktail until you add Liquid Nitrogen and it becomes a slushy.

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"We wanted to play around with new molecular mixology," said Ortega. "It's fun to interact with, it's fun to watch and it's fun to be a part of. If you leave with a huge smile on your face then we did our job."

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