A new restaurant chain has opened its first location west of the Mississippi in Denver.

ClusterTruck is a delivery-only restaurant chain based in Indianapolis.

The company’s Denver location opened its so-called 'secret kitchen' last week near downtown.

They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner to a limited area around the kitchen.

Customers order their food online from eleven virtual food truck menus.

The choices are then cooked from scratch and delivered within 15 to 20 minutes.

Dishes run about $10 each, and delivery is free.

"Delivery-only works out great for a lot of people, especially people that are based downtown that don't have easy restaurant options to be able to walk to,” ClusterTruck Denver executive chef Dave Hopkins said. “We're there when they want something that they don't want to cook. We've got up to 100 different menu items. They've got great variety and they just order it and we bring it right to their curb."

ClusterTruck's delivery zone is available on their website.

They have an app for Apple devices and a web site for everyone else.

They are also happy to deliver food to breweries.