Because we need another reason to celebrate, March 21 is National French Bread Day.

According to National Day Calendar, French bread, or the baguette, is defined by its length and crispy crust.

The bread has a history dating back to Louis XIV.

However, the word baguette was not used to describe this crispy loaf until the early 20th century. According to Wikipedia, baguette is derived from the Italian word "bacchetta," which means "wand" or "baton."

French law defined baguettes over time. A labor law prevented bakers from beginning their day before 4 a.m. Bakers changed the shape of their bread loaves to a long, narrow shape so it would bake more quickly.

Thus, the bread was more convenient for slicing and storage.

If all of this bread talk inspires you to want to give making your own a try, here are some links to a few recipes:

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