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Jubliee Roasting Co. offers easy way to donate coffee, meals to healthcare workers

As our healthcare workers are working around the clock, one local company wanted to make sure people had a way to show their appreciation.

AURORA, Colo. — On a beautiful weekday morning, Jubilee Roasting Company in Aurora would normally be filled with people. Now, it's a car that pulls up next to the cafe for a caffeine fix to-go. 

"Normally the café would be full, 10 a.m. social hour," said Peter Wanberg, owner of Jubilee. "People call in then we bring it out to their car. We had a good rush of curbside deliveries."

But for Wanberg, it's a different type of delivery that's making the biggest impact.

"One of the things we're most excited about that we launched last week is a donation service to hospitals," said Wanberg. 

Customers can choose what they want to donate on their website.

"Coffee, pastries," said Wanberg. "You can pick specific items or you can pick we call it the 'Whatever is needed pot' and then we distribute that based on what we hear is needed most from hospitals."

Jubilee then works with UCHealth students to get them to hospitals. 

"They're helping us to deliver these goods to healthcare workers that are on the front lines," said Wanberg.

The idea came from another roasting company in San Francisco. 

"Immediately we were like that's an amazing idea, it's a total win-win for businesses," said Wanberg.

It's a win for businesses, healthcare workers and also for those us at home who really want to do something to help.

"There's a lot of this where it's stay home and watch Netflix," said Wanberg. "But there's a lot of this where you're like 'ugh I really need to be doing something.'"

And that something could be as simple as a cup of coffee. 

"Having a tangible service where we're able to help healthcare workers has been really awesome," said Wanberg.

It's not just coffee and pastries, you can also donate an entire meal from Annette's or Stowaway Kitchen. Just head to this link.  

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