It’s that time of year again, so grab the foodie in your life and make your reservations for the 13th annual Denver Restaurant Week.

The 10-day food extravaganza goes from Feb. 24 to March 5 this year, and more than 250 restaurants are participating. There is also more variety than ever because of their new tiered pricing structure.

Select restaurants can now offer a $25 multi-course meal option, which is the cheapest offering in the event’s history.

“Denver Restaurant Week is really the city’s biggest culinary celebration, and we do like to change it up from time to time,” said Justin Bresler, vice president of marketing for Visit Denver. “For the first time ever, we are offering tiered pricing, so that’s three price points at $25, $35 and $45 , so consumers have a lot of choice.”

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Bresler says they wanted to offer a lower price-point option to encourage higher quality restaurants with more affordable menus to sign up.

Some restaurants participating in the $25 range include Ace Eat Serve and Bones. At $35, you can get a great deal from Coohills and Avelina. In the $45 bracket, you can find restaurants like Charcoal Restaurant and The Capital Grille, to name a few.

“Denver Restaurant Week is Visit Denver’s way of getting all of our locals out and experiencing our amazing and ever-growing diverse dining scene. But, it’s something a lot of people outside of Denver don’t know about yet, so things like this really help us promote it across the country and the world,” Bresler said.

Visit to see a full list of menus and make reservations.