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Quiznos to offer ‘Magic Mushroom Melt’ at Denver location

The sandwich shop's 13th Avenue and Grant Street location in Capitol Hill is debuting the "groovy and gooey" tie-dyed sandwich on Saturday.

In a nod to Denver recently becoming the first city in the country to decriminalize psilocybin mushrooms, Qunizos is offering a “psychedelic-styled sub” at its Grant Street location this Saturday.

The Denver-based sandwich chain will offer up what’s been dubbed the “Magic Mushroom Melt” from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. (or while supplies last) at its location in Capitol Hill.

Described as both "gooey and groovy," the psychedelic sub will include a triple serving of mushrooms, tie-dyed Swiss cheese, bacon, neon purple and green ranch dressing and tomatoes on tie-dyed white bread. It'll cost $9, which includes a free drink and chips. 

“This fun and savory new sub will have Denver getting its gastro groove on – at least for one day,” said Sheila Zimmerman, Vice President of Marketing, REGO Restaurant Group, owner of Quiznos. “While the Magic Mushroom Melt looks psychedelic, the only truly mind-bending elements are its fabulous flavor and artistic design.”

The first 50 customers who line up for the colorful sandwich will also receive a ‘Magic Mushroom Melt’ t-shirt and Quiznos gift card.

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