ANGLETON, Texas — Students at Angleton High School created a massive barbeque pit that won a top prize and has the U.S. Patent Office calling.

Using three old propane tanks, the students developed a way to “tumble” smoke and evenly cook meat throughout the giant pit.

It took five months for students to complete the senior project before competing in the SkillsUSA State Championships.

Senior Ty Lewis was part of the team that took first place for the design and said the idea was to create something no one had made before.

“I love welding. I love creating stuff, and it’s just really cool when you have something like this and you can get a patent for it,” Lewis said.

It wasn’t enough to cook more. Instead Lewis and his teammates decided to cook smarter.

As smoke travels through the bottom tube, it comes back and hits carefully placed fins that help circulate the heat.

“Instead of the smoke staying low, it makes it rise up and hit the meat more,” said senior Dustin Miller.

The patent, while provisional, could be the first step in changing the way barbeque pits are created everywhere. Miller calls it an honor to know the project will live on beyond their senior year. After the provisional patent, Miller and his teammates can apply for a utility patent.