COLORADO, USA — Not many family businesses make it to four generations, but from Grand Junction to Denver, Enstrom Candies has been going strong for nearly 60 years.

“My grandfather moved to Grand Junction from Colorado Springs in 1928 to be in the ice cream business,” said Rick Enstrom. 

Enstrom practically grew up surrounded by sugar. His grandfather’s ice cream business eventually turned into a candy business.

“Some college buddies and I were the production crew when I was in college,” Enstrom said. “We made a lot of almond toffee together.”

When it was time to expand the business to Denver in 1985, Enstrom and his wife Linda made the move.

All the candy in their Denver and Arvada stores is made at their factory in Grand Junction, including their most popular, almond toffee.

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“When it's poured out, it's poured onto a water-cooled table,” said Linda Enstrom. “Then it firms it up, then they put the chocolate on it, flip it and put ground almonds on top.”

“Getting it on that table is an art form,” said Rick Enstrom. “It has to be a certain thickness. It’s a skill that takes a while to learn.”

But nearly 60 years later, they've got it down and are still loving the candy life.

“It's pretty fun,” said Rick Enstrom. “If you can't have fun in the candy business, where do you go?”

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And their family has expanded to include their customers.

“We've made so many great friends,” said Linda Enstrom. “Customers will come by from the hospital with their new babies on their way home to show us their babies. A lot of people come in here and really appreciate knowing that it's a Colorado product and that it's a family business.”

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The Enstroms also make it a big priority to give back. (If you've ever been to a silent auction in Denver, there's a good chance you've seen their candy on the list.)

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