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The truth behind the air fryer trend

Every few years the food industry introduces a new kitchen gadget that people go crazy over. Right now, that gadget is the air fryer.

DENVER — Air fryers can cut down on the time it takes to cook foods while reducing the need for oil when cooking. So they are healthier if that is the only marker you are measuring.

They do not, however, reduce saturated fat (that is inherent to the food you are cooking i.e. all animal products), and they still produce a chemical called acrylamide in any food cooked in it due to the high temperature used to cook the food.

What is acrylamide?

It is a chemical produced naturally in food when a food browns. So as much as we all love the color, flavor, and texture, we need to be mindful that foods prepared by browning are not exactly healthful.

But who doesn’t love a good French Fry every once in a while?

We have to remember to balance healthy foods with those that aren’t but simply bring us joy. I call it the 80/20 rule.

So should you invest in an air fryer?

The least expensive one I found was $90 and the most expensive $150. The more features, the more expensive. If you think you will use it a lot, then maybe it is worth the investment.

If you choose to buy one, remember to soak your potatoes for 15 to 30 minutes then drain and dry them before cooking and never store them raw in the refrigerator. This will help reduce the acrylamide formed in the food.

You can find more information about Regina on her website at www.lifewell-lived.com.

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