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Tips for choosing healthy snacks while in college

College and eating healthy really can go hand in hand. 9NEWS nutritionist Regina Topelson offers up some tips.

College students need healthy snacks to keep in their rooms for when they need a quick, healthy breakfast or get hungry in between meal times.

Most college kids have a small refrigerator in their rooms, sometimes these are provided by the school and sometimes the kids buy one themselves.

Some easy things to store in the mini fridge are: 

  • Chopped up fruit and yogurt for a smoothie, we purchased a small blender with individual to-go cups that he can blend and go with. 
  • Individual sized guacamole or hummus, they can eat with chips or veggies.
  • Milk (dairy or non-dairy) for protein shakes, easy to make and take in a blender bottle.

If your child is not allergic to nuts, they can eat them plain or put them in a trail mix. Nut or seed butters are also great with crispy fruits or veggies like apples or celery.

Some other options that don’t need refrigeration are popcorn and applesauce.

If you’d like to learn more about Regina, you can find information on her website at www.lifewell-lived.com.

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