Leo Alirez believes the kind of life you want to lead doesn't stem from your past, but what you decide to do with your future.

"Our history, our crimes, but that's just we've done," Alirez said. "That's not who we are."

Alirez is the director of the College View Community Center working for the Denver Inner City Parish. He and this nonprofit organization are hosting Suits for Success to help former convicts trying to change - literally.

"Reintegration into society is a difficult thing," Alirez said.

The event offers free suits, shirts, shoes, and ties to men who likely don't have a suit of their own. Suits for Success also has a small job fair and workshops to help people like Demetrius Mora develop good resumes and can succeed in job interviews.

"You can get better jobs and go into better positions," Mora said.

Alirez knows how tough it can be for former convicts because he used to be one.

"From gang affiliation to drug distribution to incarceration," Alirez said.

He said giving people skills and a fresh suit will help put them on the right path.

"Once we put the suit on, the image of ourself becomes much more crisp, that much more clean," Alirez said.

Mora said it makes him feel better.

"Just looking nice, you feel good and feel like you could do whatever you want," Mora said.

Alirez says they can lead lives that are -- suitable.

"I know what it feels like to feel lost and I know how it is to be found," Alirez said.