It's typical for police departments to hold ceremonies for new officers. It's not typical to have hundreds of people and several media outlets show up to witness it.

The Lakewood Police Department made a dream come true for one 13-year-old Wednesday as he was sworn in as an honorary police sergeant.

Trevor Kling is 8 years shy of meeting the requirements to be a police officer, but he has enough courage and strength to be one.

Two years ago, Trevor was diagnosed with a brain cancer known as Anaplastic Astrocytoma. He's gone through 14 months of chemotherapy and 34 radiation treatments.

"Every day I had to go to treatment after school," Trevor said.

Even with the constant trips to the hospital and pain, Trevor only missed one day of school and has a near perfect GPA.

"We think we have a difficult time, things are tough for us or tough in this job and in this profession," said Chief Dan McCasky of Lakewood Police Department. "When we look at a young man like Trevor and we see his courage and commitment, it really kind of invigorates all of us and makes us realize how precious life is and really, we value his courage and dedication and commitment too."

While Trevor inspires police officers, it was people like McCasky who inspired Trevor.

"I saw a show on police, and I wanted to do what they were doing... helping out the state of Colorado," Trevor said.

Trevor continues his battle against brain cancer. One thought keeps him going.

"Hope that I'll get better," he said.

Hope: it's what keeps Trevor laughing in face of his adversity.