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Rare male tortoiseshell kitten has found a new home

According to cat people, a male tortoiseshell kitten is one in million; actually more like one in 3,000.
Credit: Erie County SPCA

WEST SENECA, N.Y. — He's a rare bird in the cat world. Bill is a male tortoiseshell kitten and according to cat people, they're one in million; actually more like one in 3,000.

Bill was a recent surrender to the SPCA. Spokesperson Gina Lattuca says several genetic mutations cause these cats to develop coats with patterns that seem marbleized, much like the shell of a tortoise. With the most common chromosome combinations, almost all calicos and tortoiseshell felines are female. Without getting too technical, very rarely, an extra strand of DNA is apparent in the male, giving him the tortoiseshell or calico coat.

Credit: spca of erie county

Late Wednesday, 'Bill' now 'Milo' went home to Buffalo with Jomaira and Kiara and that's just the cat's meow!

Credit: spca of Erie County

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