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Santa Claus is going virtual this year

To protect his health and yours, the jolly old man in the big red suit created an immersive, virtual experience for little boys and girls everywhere to enjoy.

DENVER — Christmas this year, like nearly everything else, is bound to look a little different but there will be no shortage of holiday cheer. 

As coronavirus cases and hospitalizations soar across the country, Santa Claus is working day in and day out to responsibly spread holiday cheer.

"The more people we can bring joy and happiness to, the better we'll all feel. Even if it's just a virtual hug, it's still a hug. Even if it's a Merry Christmas over a computer screen, it's still a Merry Christmas," Santa Claus told 9NEWS.

Many people don't know this, but Santa Claus' granddaughter, Holly Claus, actually lives in Colorado.

Holly goes by Susen Mesco in and around Lafayette, CO. 

For years, she's booked Santa's schedule and says his brothers, uncles, cousins, and nephews help Santa spread joy to little boys and girls everywhere.

Months ago, Holly began developing a virtual program where families could spend time with Santa in a safe and responsible way.

"Santa called a big meeting at the North Pole. We all got together and decided this year we were going to give the children an extra special gift. Normally, they can spend about a minute with Santa. This year, Santa wanted to spend a lot more time with the children," she said.

The virtual program has hours of videos and activities all over the North Pole with everyone from the Jolly Old Man himself, Mrs. Claus, and even Elf Buzz Twinkletoes.

Families can even schedule virtual visits and businesses can schedule holiday parties.

"We bake, we read books, we sing songs, we build things, we talk about fire trucks and airplanes, and all kinds of ways of making cocoa. That's one of my favorite ones," Santa said.

Not only does it provide an interactive experience for children and families, Holly told 9NEWS it's also a great way to keep Santa and everyone else healthy.

"He wants to be with the children more than anything, but Santa knows that just for this one year if we all really do our parts, we'll spend all the rest of the Christmases together," Holly said.

The program is free to all hospitals, first responders, and military personnel. For a group code, call 303-665-8280.

Everyone else can join in on the fun by visiting Santa here, now through the end of January.


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