DENVER — Black Friday is when the holiday shopping officially begins and if you're looking for some gift ideas, 9NEWS has you covered.

A 9NEWS morning show producer compiled gift ideas for teens or those into the latest gadgets. She also selected some funny gifts. We've been sharing throughout the morning all week and have put them all together here. Happy shopping! Keep in mind things sell out and prices are likely to change throughout the season.

White Elephant Gifts

Yodeling Pickle

Want to make a splash at your next white elephant Christmas party? Bring this yodelling pickle musical toy and everyone will remember you! You click the button and it yodels... that's about it. You can get this nifty gadget for about $14.

Unicorn Slippers

These bad boys or girls even light up and are available and kids AND adult sizes. They'll set you back about $30, of course depending on sales you might find them cheaper.

Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

If that's not your thing, try this wireless Bluetooth karaoke microphone. You never know when the urge to belt out a tune will hit. You could even use this at the party. Just connect your phone to the mic and let your inner Cher loose. It costs about $15.

Rotato Express

rotator express_1542995318787.png.jpg

Does anyone actually enjoy peeling potatoes? I don't think so! This electric peeler makes it a breeze. Rotato express is perfect for your next white elephant party. We found it online for about $20.

Huge Beer Pong

The Hey Play Large Red and Gray Beer Pong Game is easy to set-up, play and store, making fun just a toss away. This is the ultimate beach, poolside, backyard, or tailgating game that is perfect for kids and adults of all ages. It can be played with an adult twist by using adult libations.

Hot Dog Roller and Bun Warmer

Why go to the gas station for a nice rotisserie-style hotdog when you can go to your own kitchen? Your friends will be making all sorts of trades to take this home. It costs about $28.

Technology Gifts

Sharper Image Bluetooth Digital Pen

How about this sharper image Bluetooth digital pen. Pretty nifty, huh? Whatever you write down instantly backs up to your computer--no scanners needed. It'll cost you about $80 on Amazon.

Sega Genesis Wireless Game Console

Here's a throwback gift idea your dad or an older sibling might like this year a Sega Genesis wireless game console. It comes pre-loaded with 81 classic games including Mortal Kombat and Sonic. We found it for $68 on

Vivitar 4K Action Camera

You can get this Vivitar 4K Action Camera. It's water resistant and has built-in Wi-Fi and even comes with a remote and a 2-inch preview screen. We found it half off at Best Buy ahead of Black Friday.

3Doodler Create

A 3D printer is probably out of your budget this holiday season and that's OK.. You can get the techie in your life a 3Doodler Create instead. The 3D pen lets you take your art off the page and into real life. You can get the set for about $90 on Amazon.

Polk Boom Swimmer Duo

This holiday season give the gift of music and tech. We found these speakers that will let you listen to your tunes while doing laps in the pool! The Polk Boom Swimmer Duo is dirt and shock-proof for the hiker in your life. The speakers are flexible and can attach to a bike. We found them for $50 on Amazon.

Luckies Smartphone Projector 2.0

Here's a pretty cool gift idea for the friend who's always on the phone. It's called the Luckies Smartphone Projector 2.0. You just pop your phone in the box and it projects the screen onto a wall so two people can enjoy whatever you're watching. It costs about $30 on Amazon.

Solar Powered Charger and Light

This device lets you use the power of the sun to tweet, text and even make a call... if people still do that. It's a solar powered charger and light. It'll give you a full charge for two hours and can shine a light for 150 hours and features an SOS emergency beacon. We found it for $60.

Inventist Orbitwheel Skates

Forget the hoverboard get your favorite techie some Inventist Orbitwheel Skates this holiday season instead. When you're ready to ride, you just put your feet in the wheel and away you'll go. You can get it on Amazon for $75.

Stormtrooper Toaster

Help your Star Wars fan start their day off right with this Storm Trooper toaster. This holiday gift doesn't just look cool, it also prints a design on the toast itself. You can get it for about $36 on Amazon.

Teen Gifts

Peace Sign Wall Hook

You can't go wrong with this peace sign wall hook. They can hang their bag on it after school. This costs $14 at Urban Outfitters.

Personalize Amp Doormat

Teens like music, right? Get your favorite teen this personalized amp doormat with their name on it and they'll think you're cool. They can put it in front of their bedroom along with their "get out" sign. This mat costs $35 at

Sloth Pillow

phone projector crop_1542995547929.png.jpg

Make your holiday shopping trip easy by getting this sloth pillow for the favorite teen in your life. Don't ask me why sloths are cool, the answer should be obvious. This furry pillow costs $49 at urban outfitters.

LED Photo Clip String Lights

Teens like to be alone in their bedroom it's a fact this holiday season, you can give them a gift that brightens up their space. The LED string of lights actually holds 50 pictures!

This way they can decorate their room with smiling faces if they can figure out how to get a photo off their phone, of course. It costs ten bucks on Amazon.


Believe it or not, scrunchies are back! Teens are loving them! They're the perfect gift for your neighbor's kid. You can get them pretty much anywhere for only a few bucks.

Make Your Own Nail Polish Kit

Teens and nail polish they just go together. The teen in your life will give you the biggest hug if you get them this kit for Christmas. It lets them make their own nail polish so they always match their favorite outfit.

It'll set you back about $35 at

Popcorn Lunch Bag

Here's a fun holiday gift for the teen in your life. It's a lunch bag that looks like hot popcorn!

You know they'll get some attention strutting through the hallway with this in their hand. It costs $18 on Amazon.

Funny Gifts

Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure

Let a friend open a gift with a laugh. This crazy cat lady action figure should do the trick. It's $15 online and worth every penny.

Mom Life Coloring Book

Looking for a funny gift for the mom in your life, why not try the mom life coloring book. Better yet they say coloring reduces stress, so it's really a two-for-one gift. It costs about $9.

Giant Flask

Let's fill this holiday with laughs and maybe drinks. The jumbo stainless steel flask holds 64 ounces!

That's half a gallon enough to get you through an evening with the in-laws. You can get it for $12 online.

Bacon Flavored Toothpaste

Nothing says fresh breath like the smell of bacon! You can get a tube of bacon-flavored toothpaste for the jokester in your life. Just stand back a little when they talk. It'll set you back about $7.

Stemstrap Wine Glass Holder

sloth pillow crop_1542995425457.png.jpg

When you hang out with your family this holiday season you might need one of these to keep your wine glass around your neck. It'll leave you hands-free to do whatever else you need to do. It only costs $9-- just don't jump around too much since it doesn't look very splash-proof.

Bob Ross Chia Pet

When you're picking out a holiday gift to make people laugh go with this, a Bob Ross Chia Pet! It's $16 on Amazon. Just remind them to water it, so his hair gets bigger and bigger.

3D Beer Belly Fanny Pack

If you want to make your friend laugh, get them this 3D beer belly fanny pack. Just prepare yourself if they actually wear it, you will have to look at them. It costs $13 on Amazon.

Big Coffee Mug

wine neck holder_1542994955993.png.jpg

Don't forget about the biggest coffee fan in your life this holiday season. Make them smile with this gigantic coffee mug! It's 11 inches wide and nine inches tall. You can get find it on Amazon for about $25.

Binge Watching Survival Kit

Your friends will need comfort while catching up on their favorite shows during their days off.

You can get them a binge-watching survival kit. It comes with face wipes, breath drops, stain remover and anything else they'll need for a TV marathon. You can find it at urban outfitters for $20.

Pet Gifts

Hot Dog Bed

Don't forget your furry friends this season. Here's an idea, get a hot dog bed. It's $30 at Walmart.

hot dog bed crop_1542994987744.png.jpg

Holiday Hat Set

You can get this awesome mini holiday hat set. How cute would your pup look in them. You can get the set for $9 at Forever 21.

Pet Portrait

Get your friend something the really want for Christmas a portrait of their pet! You submit a picture of the pet and some artists turn it into really neat art. You can pick from a bunch of different backgrounds to represent your friend's style. It is expensive, starting around $100 depending on the size of the canvas. Find more at

Cat Harness and Leash

Nothing says happy holidays like an escape-proof cat harness and leash! You can get this for your furry friend so you can take walks together! It's $12 on Amazon.

Pet Backpack

Here's a fun holiday present for a pet owner in your life. This backpack lets you carry your cat or little dog with you. It gets its own little window to enjoy the ride. This awesome contraption is $37 online.

gigantic coffee mug 3_1542994906904.jpg.jpg

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