A sure sign of the holiday season arriving is bright lights set to music, so this year the Sterling Fire Department decided to put together a unique Christmas display of their own.

Jason Bostron with the Sterling Fire Department posted a video to Facebook Thursday of a firetruck-themed light show set to holiday music.

In the nearly three-and-a-half minute clip, the lights on five trucks at the fire station, located at 410 North 5th Street, were synced to a mash-up of holiday music. And it’s pretty impressive.

“Last week we took all of the shots for the video,” Bostron told 9NEWS. "It took me over 10 hours to edit it all to the music.”

Bostron says he got the idea a few years ago after seeing light shows at various houses.

“I wanted to show some light to our amazing fire department,” he said.

Watch the light show for yourself below. Can’t see it? Click here.