Homes are starting to twinkle through the night as gorgeous holiday displays are going up around the state.

But for some, it's not as simple as spending the weekend after Thanksgiving stapling a few strings to the roofline.

Many people spend weeks or even months putting together elaborate designs that dance to music, project scenes, include interactive experiences, or are entirely homemade. And this is the time of year all that hard work can be enjoyed by all of us!

If there's a house you love to visit every year or if you're especially proud of your decorations, submit the address, a description and a photo of the home here, and it will be added to the map below.

With your help, we are compiling all the best the best holiday displays around Colorado so you can start planning your holiday light viewing route.

We'll continue to update and add to the list all the way through Christmas.

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Check out photos and video of one of Colorado's most extravagant displays below!