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Four things to do in your garden right now

Now's the time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

DENVER — It's too early to plant bulbs but there are four tasks gardeners should be going right now.


Don't let your weeds go to seed. You'll have a hundred next year for each one you ignore. It's rude to your neighbors to let your weeds go. They shouldn't have to put up with weed seeds that blow into their gardens because of your laziness.


This extended drought has put trees and shrubs at risk. If the leaves on your trees are turning brown, it's not fall. It's drought stress. Unless you take corrective measures now, you face losing those trees this winter. Container plants also need water. They've become one big root ball and dry out quickly.


This is an ideal time to plant or transplant perennials. The soil is warm and the roots will settle in easily. 

If you divide and transplant, follow these steps: Dig up the plant. If you're dividing it, use the spade or serrated knife to cut it into two or more pieces. Re-plant each piece, adding compost to the soil. Form a moat around the new plant to catch water. Keep the roots moist as they settle in. 


Enjoy the fruits of your labor. Keep vegetables weeded and watered to keep them producing. 

Credit: KUSA

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