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Proctor's Garden: Grow great Gloriosa Daisies

Rob Proctor is showing off a great option for an autumnal arrangement.

DENVER — The Gloriosa Daisy (Rudbeckia hirta) is an American wildflower found throughout the country. 

Blooming in late summer and fall, its big, bold flowers make quite a show. 

The state flower of Maryland, the Gloriosa Daisy also has a Colorado collection. A variety was bred specifically for the 150th anniversary of the founding of Denver in 2008. The "Denver Daisy," with it's golden petals marked with brown, has become a well-loved addition to our gardens.

The plant is named for Swedish botanist Olaf Rudbeck. "Hirta" signifies that the plant is hairy. Leaves and stems bristle with short, fine hairs.

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Most Gloriosa Daisies have yellow or gold petals with a prominent center. Some varieties are orange, maroon or gold marked with brown. 

They are visited by butterflies and bees.

The plants are easy to grow in a sunny location in pots or in the ground. 

They sometimes live through the winter but don't count on it. They will, however, self-sow. 

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Ideal companions include ornamental peppers, kale and grasses.

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