You can create striking arrangements using poinsettias. First, however, care for them properly.

Imagine you're a poinsettia. You've been living in a sunny, humid greenhouse. Suddenly you're transported to a dry house with dim light. What a dilemma!

To make your poinsettia happy, start by raising the humidity. A tray filled with gravel, marbles or decorative stones beneath the plant will help. Every time you water, the excess water will drain into the saucer. As it evaporates, the plant will benefit from the extra humidity.

Group your poinsettia with other plants to create a higher humidity bubble. It's the buddy system.


These natives of Mexico need bright light and they should never dry out. Don't put them near a heat vent. Be careful if your plant is in foil. That can be a death trap if water can't drain out. Either poke a hole in the bottom of the foil or just remove the foil.

It's easy to combine poinsettias with other plants. Line a wicker basket or other container with plastic. Use seasonal flowers such as cyclamen, mums, hydrangeas or Christmas cactus to make beautiful arrangements. Add foliage houseplants such as pothos, ivy, dracaenas, ferns and succulents.

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