Petunias are a popular annual that are often seen as a somewhat basic filler flower that can be found at every house on the block.

However, today’s petunias are anything but basic and there is a reason they are so popular. Petunias are great container plants because they put on a colorful show from spring to fall and they aren’t fussy or susceptible to a lot of diseases or problems.

They need at least six hours of sun a day, moderate water, and a bloom boosting fertilizer every one to two weeks. Some varieties need regular deadheading to keep up their flowery show, but many of the newer varieties are developed to be sterile, so they don’t even need deadheading. (Although a mid-season trim is sometimes needed to keep them looking their best.)

 When incorporating petunias into your container designs, make sure to read the tags carefully.

Some varieties, such as Supertunias and Wave Petunias spread out and will fill a container with only a few plants. Other varieties stay more compact and require more plants to fill a container. 

When working on the color scheme for your warm weather containers, you will be sure to find petunias to fit whatever colors you decide.

They come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Some are soft and pastel and others are brightly striped or spotted.

With such a wide variety, every house on the block could plant nothing but petunias and still be unique!

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