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Proctor's Garden: Create a Thanksgiving pumpkin centerpiece

9NEWS' Rob Proctor shares tips on how to create an inexpensive pumpkin centerpiece.

DENVER — A pumpkin makes a great vase. It makes an inexpensive supermarket bouquet look spectacular.

Cut the top off the pumpkin as if you were carving a jack-o-lantern. Measure the opening you cut to fit a plastic container. After scooping out the seeds, insert the container and fill it with water. The vase is ready.

To stretch your bouquet, cut greenery from the garden such as junipers, pine, spruce or grape holly. Insert the greenery, taking care to cover any trace of the plastic insert. 

Then add the flowers. Cut the stems so that the flowers nestle in the greenery. You want the arrangement fairly low and tight so that guests can see over it at the dining table. You won't need very many flowers. I used a ten dollar mixed bouquet from the supermarket plus a six dollar bundle of small carnations to fill in. 

The entire bouquet--except for the plastic insert--is biodegradable. Set it outside afterward for the wildlife to enjoy. 

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