It’s game day! While most of the attention will be directed to the tv screen, the second most popular area is usually the buffet table, so make sure it is fun and creative. As you are laying out the food, if you find that your table is a little boring, all you need are a few household items and about ½ hour and you can make your buffet fit into the football theme.

First, cover your table with butcher paper, or any type of rolled out paper. This will create a base on which you can label your food items. After your food is set out, use a black marker and write the food labels directly on the paper. Use a play-book style of writing with x’s, o’s, and arrows pointing to the food.

Next, make fun cutlery holders by wrapping mason jars in brown paper. A paper lunch sack cut to size will work great for this project. Once the jar is wrapped, create a football lacing pattern on the jar with paint, white tape, or even white contact paper. Fill the jars with spoons and forks and set them on the table.

You can also get creative with houseplants to fill in any empty areas. Use thin strips of white duct tape to create a football lacing pattern on a plain terracotta pot. If your terracotta pot is empty, just find a smaller pot that is already planted and sink it down into the decorated pot. Use the plant foliage or shredded brown paper to fill in any gaps between the two pots. If you have green pots, you can use white tape to create lines on the pot to mimic the lines on the playing field. The decorated pots create a fun and economical centerpiece for your buffet.

Finally, have fun with the food. Look for foods in your team’s colors. Yogurt parfaits and fruit trays are a colorful and healthy option. You can also dress up more traditional football foods, such as deviled eggs. Simply cut chives, or cilantro stems, in strips and lay them on top of the eggs in a football lace pattern.

Creating a fun and festive football atmosphere doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Just take inventory of what you already have at home and have fun repurposing items to fit your gameday theme.