If you're missing the taste of summer, bring it back--on your windowsill. Many herbs that are such a part of summer cuisine grow well in a sunny window. They can be grown from seed or from transplants from the garden center.

If you're planting seeds, sow them in your recycled plastic four-packs from last year. Wash them first. Follow the directions on the depth of planting for each kind of seed. Water them from underneath so as not to wash the seed too deep. Then cover with plastic wrap or a plastic dome to aid germination. 

If you're starting with small plants that you want to transplant, step them up to pots just a size or two bigger. If the pots are terra cotta, soak them first. Always do this with terra cotta pots. Submerge them until they've stopped bubbling. That means the clay is saturated. If you don't soak them, every time you water the clay will absorb the water and leave your plants high and dry. 

Select herbs you're most likely to use: cilantro for Mexican dishes, rosemary for pork or fish, parsley and chives for salads, and basil for almost anything. Don't forget about mint for tea and mojitos.

Small pots dry out quickly so the kitchen window sill is a good place to keep an eye on them.