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Proctor's Garden: Now is the time to groom your garden

As summer winds down, consider these tips when cleaning up your mature garden.

DENVER — We're down to the final preparations for the Proctor's Garden Tour to benefit Dumb Friends League on Saturday, Aug. 24 and Sunday, Aug. 25.

The tour is from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. each day at 3030 W. 46th Avenue in Denver.

The suggested donation is $10. Proceeds from the annual tour benefit Denver Dumb Friends League.

Take some of our grooming tips for your summer garden.

Remove spent flowers and bad leaves. Most plants shed lower leaves as they grow. Remove brown leaves or those with bug bites.

Water deeply and thoroughly. By now, container plants are just one big root ball and dry out easily.

Credit: KUSA

Lawns and borders need deep watering as well. This encourages roots to delve deeply into the soil.

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Prop up or stake plants that threaten to fall over or spill out of the beds. Use bamboo stakes or wire fencing. The inexpensive fencing is unobtrusive and effective.

Credit: KUSA

Consider using pea gravel for garden paths. It keeps your feet dry and makes a pleasant crunch when tread upon.

Credit: KUSA

When you visit, check out how we use old doorknobs as finials on the hose guards in the vegetable garden. The hose guards are just low posts set in the corners in the beds that prevent accidentally dragging the hose across the beds and knocking down plants. The doorknob finials add a decorative, whimsical touch.

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