Peas are traditionally planted right around St. Patrick's Day. Certainly the seeds should go in the ground by no later than mid April. They need cool weather to perform properly. If you wait until May, it's too late. Peas can't tolerate summer heat.

Peas can be planted directly in the ground or in pots. Soak the peas in water overnight before planting. They plump up and germinate better. Plant them about an inch deep and about one and a half inches apart. Provide support for the tendrils to cling to such as branches, bamboo stakes or wire trellises and fences.

Pick the right pea 2

Pea varieties differ in height. Some are quite dwarf, such as the eight inch 'Tom Thumb' variety. Others can grow several feet tall or more. 

Their pods also differ. Snow peas and sugar snap peas have edible pods. Other varieties are called "shelling" peas because the peas are removed from the pods before cooking. Do your homework. Select the right peas for your conditions. 

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