The days are getting longer – so let's plant.

If you took cuttings last fall, it's high time they got potted. My cuttings have been sitting in jars of water in sunny windowsills. They've developed nice roots, so the cuttings of geraniums, sweet potato vine and coleus need pots.

Use your recycled plastic nursery pots. Hold the stem upright in the center of the pot, fill with soil and press the soil in gently. After planting, water them thoroughly as the roots transition from growing in water to growing in soil.

Some of the cuttings may have gotten too leggy. Lop them off to encourage the new plant to branch and get bushy. So really, you can make a whole new set of cuttings to root in jars on the windowsill.

Keep the newly-potted cuttings in a sunny window or under lights until it's safe to plant them out in May.

If you didn't take cuttings--but you brought in plants--you can still take cuttings from the "mother plants." With just a small effort, it's possible to save quite a bit on your spring garden budget. Although we dare not say spring yet, this is the beginning of spring planting.