DENVER — Don't settle for dead plants. Pull out the frosted petunias and geraniums that used to grace the pots flanking your front door. 

Add seasonal plants and pumpkins for a bright, colorful display. Mums, pansies and ornamental kale thrive in cool weather. You may wish to cover the mums or pull them inside when temperatures dip much below freezing. If you keep them watered, they may last until Thanksgiving. If planted in the ground, they will likely survive winter and return next year. 

Pansies are more cold tolerant. While there's no guarantee, pansies often live through the winter. They'll bloom sporadically through the winter and more heavily in spring. 

Pumpkins and gourds enhance the flowers. They can also take a few degrees of frost but need protection on very cold nights. 

With care and vigilance, your autumnal display will remain vibrant and colorful until winter finally closes in. 

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