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How you can protect your plants from Colorado's snow and cold

With an early September cold front on the way, here are some tips on how to prepare your late-summer garden for the snow and cold.

DENVER — Just as our fight with the Japanese beetles is coming to an end this season, Mother Nature is giving us a temporary, but damaging cold snap. Don’t let all of your hard work and dedication to your garden be for nothing.

Take the time to do things to protect your tender plants so when the weather does warm back up at the end of the week you’ll still have flowers to enjoy this fall.

Trees and shrubs

Trees, shrubs and perennials will be fine. The soil is still warm so, while they might take a little hit with their blooms, the plants themselves will survive.

Do give your new and young trees support with stakes and rope. When the snow does fall, brush off the snow from the branches.


Harvest and cover your vegetables.

If your vegetable plants are too big to cover, harvest the vegetables and let them ripen inside. 

Annuals and flowers

Cover tender annuals, patio pots, herbs and veggies. Frost cloths, bed sheets, or even a larger pot turned upside down on top of the plant will all work as covers.

Do what you can to give plants protection. If you need to, move patio pots into the garage just in case.


Make sure to disconnect all of your hoses and turn your sprinkler system clock to the off position.

You’re not going to need to water for a while, but do not winterize your sprinkler system yet. Warmer weather is going to return so you’re not done watering for the season.

If you’re concerned about protecting your backflow preventer, go ahead and cover that with a blanket as well. Better to be safe than sorry!

Don’t give up hope, gardeners! In Colorado we have to be as hardy as the plants to survive our crazy weather. So once the storm settles in, enjoy time inside in your fuzzy pj's with a warm cup of tea. This too shall pass.


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