DENVER — Although we've had some chilly nights, many areas still haven't experienced a hard frost. There's still time to salvage valuable plants.

Even if the tops have frosted, it's not too late to dig up plants such as begonias, coleus, geraniums, flowering maples and bloodleaf. Dig them, cut them back and re-pot. Even basil can be dug and saved.

Tropical plants can and should be brought inside. Potted bananas, oleander, angel trumpets, palms, philodendrons, citrus, cactus and succulents will survive winter in a sunny window.

I take special care to dig and re-pot spike dracaenas, asparagus ferns and spider plants. These foliage plants are well worth saving and get bigger every year.

My last priority is the summer bulbs such as cannas, dahlias, gladiolus and pineapple lilies. The tops can be allowed to frost. The bulbs will survive for a short time and then they can be dug, placed in loosely-tied plastic bags and stored for winter in a dark, cool place.