Cool season flowers and vegetables are at their best. You may be harvesting radishes, peas, spinach and garlic. The cabbage looks great and the potatoes are growing well. Remember to fill soil around the stems as they grow. New potatoes will form along the buried stems. Keep pansies picked to keep them blooming.

The warm season plants are just getting started. Fertilization is the key to great containers. Feed every 10 to 14 days. Right now they need a formula with a high ratio of nitrogen to promote strong, healthy growth. 

If you buy succulents from the greenhouse or bring indoor ones outside, be very careful not to sunburn them. Use a shade cloth or shade from trees to expose them gradually to sun. A bad scalding sets them back for a very long time.

Even though we got a late start, there's still plenty of time to plant annuals and vegetables. Be adventurous and try something new. 

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