Some plants are easier to grow than others. Succulents are among the easiest. All you need is a sunny window.

Succulents are plants with fleshy, water-storing leaves or structures. All cactus are succulents but not all succulents are cactus. Succulents display an incredible diversity of shapes, forms and colors. The ones that we grow as houseplants are native to dry tropical and subtropical regions throughout the world (There are also hardy succulents and cactus).

They grow relatively slowly and can stay in the same pots for years.

Benign neglect is the best form of care. Over-watering is the best way to kill succulents. Potted succulents can go weeks or even months without water.

A mulch of fine gravel around the base of the plant is preferable. This mimics the natural environment. Succulents are easy to propagate from cuttings. If a piece breaks off it will root easily in soil. Even a single leaf from many varieties will root and form a new plant. Cuttings can survive for many months in a tray without soil and only occasional watering.

Potted succulents can spend the summer outside. Extreme caution should be taken when exposing them to the sun because they can scald. It can take up to three weeks to acclimate them. Unlike a geranium, however, which can easily and quickly grow new leaves if it gets sunburned, a sunburned succulent may takes years to recover.

Small succulent plants are relatively inexpensive. They take time to grow to full size. A collection becomes a real asset for both indoor and outdoor display.