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Discontent with winter? Time to start thinking about your garden

It's time to plant primroses and pansies.

DENVER — As winter drags on, there's hope on the horizon. Some cool season plants can go out in just a few weeks. It all depends on how low night temperatures get and whether you're willing to cover or bring pots inside overnight. 

Primroses, pansies and ornamental kale can take chilly temperatures and thrive in cool weather. If it drops much below freezing you'll have to intervene.

I'm desperate for the sight and scent of spring flowers. My newly-planted pots will thrive on my cool, sunny back porch. 

I'll gradually acclimate them to outdoor living. Many people wouldn't want to go through the effort. But if you're as discontented with winter as much as I am, go for it. 

Credit: Mallory Davis, KUSA
Credit: Mallory Davis, KUSA

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