Flowers play such a beautiful part in celebrations. It's lovely to share them with neighbors and friends during holidays.

The traditional colors of Hanukkah are blue, white and silver. It's easy to create an arrangement using flowers and foliage for the occasion.

Start with a plastic tray or a container lined with plastic. When potted plants are grouped together, it creates an area of group humidity. Evaporating moisture helps to keep them healthy in a dry house.

Many house plants and flowering plants can be used in a Hanukkah arrangement. We used ivy, pothos, white amaryllis, white hydrangea and a blue poinsettia.

There are no real blue poinsettias; the blue ones are sprayed with a vegetable dye. If you save the plants and they re-bloom next year, the flower bracts will be whatever the underlying color is underneath the dye.

Cut flowers can also be used in Hanukkah decorating. White daisies, mums, carnations, lilies and baby's breath are suitable. Add additional festive touches with candles, ribbon and other decorations.