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Proctor's Garden: Tips for watering plants during a heat wave

High heat obviously puts stress on plants. Here's how to help them out.

DENVER — High heat obviously puts stress on plants.

Consider the temperature, humidity (or lack of it), and your soil type.

Clay soil holds moisture better then sandy soil. Overwatering clay soil is bad since it can rot roots since they can't get oxygen.

Consider what sort of watering system you have and at what volume it puts out water. If you're not sure, use a rain gauge to measure. No rain gauge? Use a 12 oz. tuna can. It's fairly accurate to see how much water you're applying.

Different plants have varying water requirements. In Colorado's semi-arid climate, plants from more humid, wetter climates will need more water.

It's a mistake to water for short intervals.

This applies water to only the top inch or so of soil. Roots will stay near the surface and burn up in the heat. Use a moisture meter to check if it's moist several or more inches deep.

When you do water, make sure to water thoroughly. The best time for maximum effectiveness is to water in cooler parts of the day.

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