It's time to abolish the whole Mother's Day guideline for planting. It's useless. 

All the cool season flowers and vegetables must be planted in March and April to develop properly.

All the hot weather plants can only be planted when night temperatures stay reliably at 50 degrees or higher. 

Mother's Day has nothing to do with it either. Garden by the weather, not the calendar. 

Frosty garden

Most gardeners experienced some damage from the late snow storm. Allow time for trees, shrubs and perennials to right themselves. It may take weeks. Remove obvious broken branches, but don't be out there pruning willy-nilly. 

Tomatoes, peppers and other hot weather plants that were planted prematurely may have frozen or been stunted. You may need a do-over. 

Don't be digging in cold, wet soil. Wait. There's no point in rushing. Hot weather plants really do best in actual hot weather.