BOULDER - A young beaver - creatively named Justin Beaver - is recovering from his injuries after taking a tumble off of Boulder Falls on June 19.

According to Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, Justin - who is a little over a year old - broke his upper front tooth down to the gum line and chipped his lower front tooth. He also had to get multiple stitches to repair the laceration on his head. He was brought into the facility by Boulder Park Ranger Dave Gustafson.

Gustafson says he found Justin just above Boulder Falls on State Highway 119.

"I was driving on into work - happened to be on call that night - and saw him in a place that beavers don't live," Gustafson told 9NEWS. "He was trying to walk back up the canyon. There's some beaver dams [near Nederland.]"

Gustafson said it was difficult to get Justin off the highway.

"It took a little finagling," Gustafson said. "I've dealt with a lot of wildlife in my life. I was able to get him into a plastic tote and transport him to Greenwood. He wasn't too happy. He definitely tried to get me a few times."

Justin's lower tooth will have to be shaved down to be at the same level as his other, undamaged lower tooth. If beaver teeth are misaligned, beavers cannot eat anymore and will die. His upper front tooth will have to be trimmed on occasion, but since they are still coming in, a more permanent solution won't happen until the tooth is done growing.

Lea Peshock, the animal care supervisor at Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, said she's worked at the center for six years and hasn't once treated a beaver.

Peashock says Justin should be in the rehab center for at least a month. Once he's done recovering, he will be released within a 10-mile radius of where he was found.

In the meantime, Justin will keep munching on his favorite treats: Willows, cottonwoods, aspens, maples and ash.

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