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Loveland sculpture show highlights the city's love for the craft

Want to get into sculpting? Maybe consider making the move to Loveland - they've got TWO foundries! 

Of course, like anyone, you've probably found yourself asking this age old question: "Where can I find mice, a peloton and a crazy-eyed owl all in the same place?"

OK, OK, maybe it's not that common of a question - and for many people in the Front Range, the answer doesn't exactly jump to mind.

But one Loveland-based sculptor knows the answer.

"It's an amazing show, huh?" said Victor Issa who greeted a patron checking out his work at Sculpture in the Park. "I like to work with the human form."

"To me, it's the most expressive form out there."

He said that surrounded with his bronze sculptures of ballerinas, a little girl on a swing and angels. He stood under a gigantic tent full of all matter of different sculptures from 160 artists from across the U.S., Canada and France.

This year is the 34th consecutive year that Loveland's hosted the leading outdoor juried sculpture show in the country.

Over 300 people volunteer to help the High Plains Art Council make the event happen. Over $1 million worth of art has been sold at this year's event alone!

A third of the total money raised will go to purchasing more permanent pieces for the event's home at the Benson Sculpture Park

"In Loveland, literally anything you want done for sculpture can be found here," Victor Issa explained. "Base makers to mold makers, to photographers, to shippers - all specialized to the field."

"And we have a store in town that supplies all our clays and mold materials," he said.

Loveland even has two foundries.

"It's the place to be," Issa continued, "if you're serious about sculpture, this is where you belong."

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