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Becky Ditchfield uses middle school math to call out pregnancy shamer

Becky Ditchfield has proven that her pregnant belly is far from two miles in diameter, unless it's in front of the state of Colorado on the green screen, at which point it's much larger.

DENVER — We love Becky Ditchfield, and can’t wait to meet the amazing little human that’s growing inside of her.

Some people, however, have written her some harsh feedback about the very natural thing that is happening to her body during her pregnancy. Since Becky is a trained meteorologist, she decided to fact-check the claims made by one person, who said she looked like a “freak with [her] belly sticking out 2 miles.”

Using a tape measure and some formulas you might remember from middle school school math, Becky has proven that is not the case. Her belly is smaller than two miles, unless it's in front of the state of Colorado on a green screen, at which point it's much larger and the viewer must be complimenting her. 

You can read her full Facebook post below:

Here’s the text:

Earlier this week someone wrote in telling me that I looked like a “freak with (my) belly sticking out 2 miles...” Today, I brought my handy tape measure to work to verify if this was, in fact, true.

Let’s begin.
1 mile = 63,360 inches. According to picture #1 my belly sticks out approximately 6” from where my stomach normally sits, when I’m working out, and in great shape.
Therefore, the 2 mile assessment is FALSE.

However, I also understand that perception is everything. So I asked our maintenance guys for measurements of our blue screen in the backyard and green screen inside. For comparison purposes, I’ve decided to go with the blue screen measurements since the camera never captures the entire indoor chroma key.

The blue screen measures 8’ 4” wide by 2’ 5” tall.

8’ 4” = 100 inches
Since my belly measures an extra 6 inches out from my “normal” stomach, then that means it’s only taking up 6% more blue screen space when I stand, facing the side.

Now, I’ve also included a map that shows our typical statewide view. From west to east, this measures 770 miles.
If 100” = 770 miles on the map, then 1 inch would equal 7.7 miles.
So if I’m standing in front of the statewide map, then my belly is taking up a whopping 46.2 miles. 
😍 And that means this person MUST be giving me a compliment because that is A LOT more than 2 miles!

The reality is, the bump is just a little bigger than a basketball that’s been cut in half.
The official circumference of a basketball used in the NBA is 29.5”
C= 2π 
As seen by my back measurement and measurement of the belly, the radius of the bump is somewhere between 5.75” and 6”.
That makes the circumference of my baby bump between 36.11 and 37.6 inches.
And if you want to measure it’s volume...
V= (4/3)
π r^3
If r=6”, then the volume of my baby belly is 904 cubic inches... or approximately 1/2 a cubic foot.

So to the people out there who are offended by the (giant) life growing inside me, let’s please be accurate when sending me your hate mail.

BTW. Still Pregnant.

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