KUSA — Dozens of local families got a little bigger this week.

On Friday, adoptions were finalized for 54 children in Denver at the Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse.

Denver Adoption Day is an annual event, coordinated by Denver Human Services and the Denver Juvenile Court. It’s part of a greater national effort to raise awareness about children in foster care and those waiting for find permanent families, organizers said.

“I had a to a lot of soul searching about what family would look like for me,” said Kerry Meyer, who decided to pursue adoption several years ago as a single mom. Friday, she adopted two year-old Sierra.

“I’ve been committed to this child since I got her, but today she gets to become part of the family,” Meyer told other families gathered at the courthouse.

“We have been praying for a little baby like this for five years,” Jack Burrell said.

He and his wife, Holly, adopted one-year old Aspen on Friday. The Burrells already have five other biological children and have fostered several others.

But with Aspen, the family has grown even bigger.

“The moment we saw her, we knew it was forever,” Burrell said. “She’s got a great destiny on her life, and we know it. She’s going to do amazing things. She already has, and were excited to just be part of it.”

The Burrell’s hope their story inspires other families to consider fostering and adoption.

DHS handles public adoptions, and said there are still 290 children in Colorado in need of permanent homes, and invites all families to consider.

DHS said that includes single parents, same-sex parents, and parents of all races, religions, and income levels.