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Easy self-defense moves for your kids

It's something parents think about often: Is my child safe? Whether they're out with friends or at school, most parents worry. 9NEWS has the tools you need to develop a safety plan.

DENVER - Some kids don't think about safety, and parents struggle to find a way to teach their children about it.

9NEWS spoke to experts to help parents find the best way to talk to their kids.

Girard Pugsley organizes and runs safety classes for children. He teaches them to READ, which stands for:


Pugsley said when teaching kids about self defense, they have to first recognize something is wrong. If they see something is wrong, then teaching them how to evade the trouble and to get to a safe haven -- like the other side of the street -- is crucial.

"If someone tries to grab him, we want them screaming as loud as they can 'You're not my mommy, you're not my daddy' the entire time," Pugsley said. "Worst case, if someone grabs them and gets ahold of them, we teach them some basic techniques to get away.

Here are some simple techniques parents can show their kids to keep them safe:

If someone tries to grab you from behind, here's how you can escape: http://on9news.tv/20Z7EJq

If someone tries to grab your backpack, here's how you can escape: http://on9news.tv/1QZAK6S

If someone tries to grab your wrist, here's how you can escape: http://on9news.tv/20Z9R7F

There is an upcoming safety training course coming up in April: http://bit.ly/1QbgAUe.

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