KUSA — Every August it happens. I battle traffic to get to the school on time and then walk down into the classroom ready to learn about a new school year.

Throughout the elementary years, there was talk about new math, reading logs, homework habits, the science fair. Even so...it was steady and slow...they were still kids, silly, goofy kids. Mine was always nervous on first days and joyful on last days.

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Credit: Krim Christiansen

The panic set in with middle school. Back to school involves so many classrooms and everything else that means "middle school." Someone once told me no matter how bad it is - you blink and it's over. Lucky for us, it was great. It feels like it lasted two minutes.

Credit: Krim Christiansen

Then, suddenly I was sending him off to high school with a lecture about this is the best time ever. "Don't miss a dance or a game or anything."

This is when I pulled out the reading glasses to find the classrooms in a maze of hallways. I still remember telling my son how awesome the honors government class was going to be. He told me the teacher was super hip and married to a supermodel. I was so excited he was going to read Of Mice and Men and The Great Gatsby. He rolled his eyes and asked how many pages were in each book.

Now it's here. The last back-to-school night. Just like the rest, I wandered through the hallways and chatted with parents I've known since kindergarten.

This time I didn't take notes. I just listened. I learned about the semester plans and student expectations.

In every classroom, I heard teachers talk about their passion for teaching and their love of students. I've heard this before - 13 years actually.

There are still many school days, but they are numbered. I'm happy, sad, proud and grateful...for all the first days and last days.