A Colorado State Patrol Trooper helped get an hours-old puppy the care it needed after hearing it whimper from outside CSP’s Trinidad office last month.

About three weeks ago, the unidentified trooper discovered the tiny puppy with its eyes closed and umbilical cord still attached, crying alone outside the patrol office with no mother dog or other puppies in sight.

The trooper acted quickly and took the puppy to Fisher’s Peak Veterinary clinic for some immediate care. Once the pup was all cleaned up, he was taken to Noah’s Ark animal clinic placed under the care of volunteer Teresa Clark.

Clark quickly became the pup’s new foster mom, getting him newborn supplies and bottle feeding him puppy formula every few hours.

Trooper the dog. Courtesy Teresa Clark.

Fittingly, Clark named the pup Trooper in honor of his rescuer.

“For the first few days, I was feeding him just about every 2 hours, but it didn’t take long for him to start sleeping through the night and now that he’s three weeks old, he bottle feeds about 4-5 times a day, but he eats a lot when he eats,” Clark said.

Laurel Young, Executive Director of Noah's Ark Animal Welfare Association, says it's a miracle the puppy was even found.

“There’s a lot of traffic noise, so it’s just completely remarkable to hear the cries and whining of a little puppy in that area,” Young said.

In between feedings, Trooper can be found cuddling stuffed animals and soothing himself with a pacifier.

Trooper the dog.

Trooper’s favorite way to sleep, according to Clark, is on his back with his belly exposed.

And while the exact breed of the pup is currently unknown, there’s been speculation he might be some sort of Mastiff mix.

Trooper will remain under the care of Clark until he’s at least eight weeks old. After that, there’s a chance he could go up for adoption.

“We wanted to say thank you to the unsung hero,” Young said. “Who was this Colorado State Trooper who was alert enough to go and find this puppy and to hear this puppy?”