If you’re a pet owner who enjoys letting your dog off its leash while on a walk, you may want to reconsider.

Lafayette police announced Tuesday on Facebook they will have zero tolerance for anyone who violates the city’s leash law. There will be extra patrols in neighborhoods, parks and open spaces looking for anyone breaking this particular law, according to the post.

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The only exemptions of the law are dogs under the control of a public law enforcement agency or dogs in areas designated and posted by the city allowing them to be off their leashes, according to the city’s ordinance.

Police said the increased patrols come after an increase in complaints of dogs off their leashes.

If you’re caught breaking the leash law, it will cost you close to $150 the first time. A second offense is double that amount. If you violate the city’s law a third time, you’ll be required to appear in court.