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Denver cat proves to be just as naughty as Quilty the viral cat

You can adopt Q*Bert by visiting the Denver Animal Shelter located at 1241 West Bayaud Avenue.
Credit: Q*Bert the cat

DENVER — Don't stare too hard, Q*Bert is watching you. 

The Denver Animal Shelter posted this hilarious photo of one of its cats available for adoption.

"Q*Bert is a little confused why #Quilty has gotten so much attention, yet here he sits. He is just as #naughty and has just as much #attitude, but nobody will #adopt him," the shelter said in a Facebook post Sunday. 

Quilty the cat became viral online in October after it repeatedly escaped the cat quarters of the Friends For Life Animal Rescue and Adoption Organization in Houston.

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You can more information about adopting Q*Bert by visiting the shelter's website.

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